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The Home of Understanding, Support, Healing and Solutions for Neurodiverse Relationships

We're an online community bringing together anyone looking for new ways to live in neurodiverse relationships. Our community welcomes all neurotypes, including and not limited to Autistic, ADHD, Neurotypical, Sensory Processing Difference, Neuroqueer and Neuro-curious with a focus on living well together with difference.

Loving Difference is hosted by Coaches with experience navigating life with difference. We guide members to learn about themselves and their loved ones in a safe, non-judgmental community so that we can inspire and encourage each other to love the unconventional and beautiful differences in ourselves and in our homes.

Why Join

You feel alone and confused about how to move forward with the labels that describe you or your loved ones.

You want to learn new ways to communicate, engage, and deepen connections with the people you love.

You're looking to be part of a community that aspires to bridge different perspectives and experiences.

What to Expect

A unique, hand-in-hand and step-by-step approach to inspire, explain and empower you to transform your relationships

Coaching – We ask empowering questions through coach-led live group sessions, articles/videos, tools and strategies. Access the Loving Difference Foundations Course, your starting point to discovering and understanding you and your relationships plus other 'mini' courses, all included in free membership. Browse our archive of content that grows every month.

Community – Meet for regular connection and encouragement. Hear each others' stories, engage in conversations, live events and more, with your Coach Hosts and fellow members, as you reflect differently on yourself and your challenges.


...discover paid-for courses, events, workshops and 1:1 coaching

Questions? Ask us anything at [email protected]

What We Believe

We believe in validating an individual's experience before they discovered they or their loved ones are neurodivergent. At an individual and family level, we know this experience leaves many feeling confused, exhausted, lonely and disconnected.

We believe in the power of individual and collective growth to change lives; in yourself, in your home and in wider society.

We believe in the neurodiversity paradigm:

"The idea that there is one 'normal' or 'healthy' type of brain or mind, or one 'right' style of neurocognitive functioning, is a culturally constructed fiction. Neurodiversity is a natural and valuable form of human diversity." (Dr Nick Walker)

We believe in an individual’s choice of language to describe themselves. We believe in language of discovery versus diagnosis and in reframing and de-pathologising disorders through a lens of self-exploration, strengths and cultural acceptance.

We believe that diverse representation and contribution is key to creating the world we want to live in. We aspire to build a diverse community of members and coaches over time. If you are interested in collaborating with Loving Difference, please get in touch at [email protected]

We believe in the power of this community to help others. We do not want anyone to miss out on the potential to heal, grow and connect more deeply with others. If you feel that this community is something you would benefit from and finances are a barrier to you participating fully, please do get in touch with us for help at [email protected] 

What Members Say 

'The wisdom of the Coach Hosts is so empowering, plus there’s a positive but realistic and hopeful sense of community I’ve not experienced in other groups.’

'Before I joined Loving Difference I felt completely alone in my situation. That was just ten weeks ago and I already feel more connected and empowered. It’s amazing the difference! When I share my challenges, the coaches and other members help me put words on what I’m feeling. Combining that with new models and strategies the coaches share, you can move away from what’s been most painful and towards more of who you want to be.'

'In Loving Difference, there’s lots of understanding, realistic views and expectations, plus an openness to people figuring out what helps them, how their situation is unique and supporting each other in that.'

'Coaching has brought me back to who I was meant to be. Coaching gave me focus, like finding the end of the thread in a messy ball of wool and then teasing it out. It’s not about rules or regimes to follow. It’s about looking at ourselves more closely. It is easy and exciting self-discovery when you have guides to help you discover yourself.'

Who We Are

Four Coaches • Four Perspectives • Four Journeys with Neurodiversity

Natalie Roberts

Neurodiversity has always been a part of my life though I’ve only known that since 2014. Now I navigate and live with an array of differences in my relationship and home including autism, A(d)HDifference, prosopagnosia, alexithymia, CPTSD, dyslexia, anxiety, depression and other health conditions. In the beginning it felt hopeless and I was experiencing Cassandra Syndrome. I was dismayed at how little hope and assistance there was in books and online to make my neurodiverse relationship and family work – I mean really work, not just about hang in there! I charted a new course, began to create a new map, one that put self-care and wholehearted living at the top of the to-do list. I reversed the symptoms of Cassandra Syndrome and healed the impact of unknown neurodiversity in my relationship. Now we have understanding and a different way of traveling, beyond the conventions of these labels, so that we flourish individually and together. It’s a beautifully unconventional life that embraces our differences and how wonderful we each are. Professionally, I coach individuals and couples who’ve identified and experience neurodifference in their relationship, to revive themselves and thrive in their relationships. I’m excited to welcome you to Loving Difference where I hope I can pass on the sparkle I’ve rediscovered in my life to yours. www.natalieroberts.com

Sara Langdon

After years of struggle with conventional life, my family and I began to understand we were different. Labels were applied, books were read, but I still found myself lost when it came to how to live with difference. Rejecting the boxes we'd been trying to fit into, my partner and I made massive changes to live a life that would allow us to be true to ourselves. New people, and a new life did not come easily at first. For me it was vital I address my issues with “busy”ness, food addiction, stress, anxiety and depression all of which led me to realize my struggle had more to do with neurodivergence (ADHD) than anything else. As I learned to slow down, tune in and acknowledge my own needs, I found myself working for the first time in my life from a place of flow rather than frustration. I became a coach to guide others to find new ways off the beaten path. My work with Loving Difference is about simplifying these steps, guiding others to improve their connections and live the life they've always dreamed of. 

More of my work and what I'm all about can be found at Balanced Connection

Heather Parks

Awareness that neurodiversity was part of our family arrived 10 years ago. Like many of the families I work with, this knowledge came to us in the midst of  mental health challenges, exhaustion and burnout. It took a long time for us to understand all of our needs, to challenge our pre-conceptions, to embrace our differences, and to learn how to be well. It took even longer to try and fight our way through the health, education and social care systems which promised much yet delivered so little.  What began as a battle with OCD and discovery of autism, led to a journey of deeper understanding of the diversity which exists within humanity and the beautiful gifts that this brings.  All too often these gifts are buried in a lack of safety in our nervous systems and the defensive patterns we develop to protect ourselves. I love to guide others to reveal their gifts, to find safety and connection, and to become the best versions of themselves. I combine lived experience, nervous system education with coaching expertise to help families navigate their journey with neurodiversity, empowering them to find their unique flow so that they and their loved ones can revive and flourish.


Kerry McLeish

I’m a rest coach and mentor. I work with those who are weary and exhausted to restore their energy for life through rest. Since experiencing exhaustion over 10 years ago I have been learning how to rest well, not just physically but emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually. A Realisation that neurodiversity was a part of our marriage came about 7 years ago and although I had always known that we were different, I hadn’t realised the extent of those differences or the affect they had had on our relationship. Having found a new energy for life through discovering the importance of rest I can now appreciate those differences in new ways and enjoy helping others discover the difference that finding a rhythm of rest and work that is right for them can make to their everyday lives too. www.restforlife.org

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