Loving Difference

The Home of Understanding, Support, Healing and Solutions for Neurodiverse Relationships

Are you?...

In a life that you feel you can't change? Working on relationship issues on your own? Anxious or walking on eggshells? Exhausted from trying for so long? Feeling resentful and misunderstood? Tired of negative online support groups and strategies that don't work? Losing hope of things ever getting better?

You've arrived in the right place and we're super excited to meet you....

Welcome to Loving Difference!

Loving Difference brings together anyone looking for new ways to thrive in their neurodiverse relationships to learn about themselves and their loved ones and make changes in a safe, non-judgmental community so that we can be true to ourselves and inspire and encourage each other to love the unconventional and beautiful differences in ourselves and in our homes.

Loving Difference is a special place, full of amazing, kind, and respectful people from all over the world, brought together by our connection with difference. Launched in September 2020, amidst the uncertainty of covid, we've been growing ever since.

Loving Difference is hosted by professional Coaches with experience navigating life with difference; in their relationships, as parents, in the workplace, with other family members, with friends, in the education system and in the big wide world.

Many members are working on their challenges and unresolved issues alone, without their partner alongside or supportive of change. You can change your whole experience by focusing on you and without needing to change anyone else.

Experience change in less than 10 days and 'life changing' in a matter of weeks!

What You'll Find

A fresh, unique and 'life-changing' approach to neurodiverse relationships

Daily encouragement and hope that's available anytime

Empowering resources and community events to explain, inspire and motivate change

Empowering professional coaching and friendly community support in one place

Whatever your starting point, our Coaching in Community and Private Coaching Programmes meet you where you are and support you every step by step of the way

We'll do all we can to support you to...

Be YOU! ... unmask, reverse cassandra syndrome, rediscover hope, reconnect ... THRIVE!

Questions? Ask us anything at [email protected]

How Do I Join?

If you're looking for a place that has a hopeful, encouraging and inspiring vibe, where you can find proven ways to better your neurodiverse relationship and a have different experience as soon as possible...
Scroll All The Way To The Bottom Of This Page and
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What Members Say 

'Loving Difference has given me tools that made an immediate difference in my neurodiverse relationship. I've had a therapist for a couple of years and have learned more actionable information with you in three weeks. I mean really effective ways to look at myself and grow out of an untenable life into a thriving one.'

'The wisdom of the Coach Hosts is so empowering, plus there’s a positive, realistic and hopeful sense of community I’ve not experienced in other groups.’

'Before I joined Loving Difference I felt completely alone and I already feel more connected and empowered. It’s amazing the difference!'

'In only a few months, I’m starting to thrive again at last! Loving Difference is absolutely essential for supporting anyone struggling in neurodiverse relationships and it’s the only coaching and support I’ve found that really helps.'

'So glad that Loving Difference focuses on the self and the changes we can make without stigmatising or blaming the other.’

Our Community Culture

We embrace progressive, social and inclusive models of neurodiversity

Loving Difference welcomes anyone in a neurodiverse relationship, whatever their neuro-identity, including and not limited to autistic, ADHD, neurotypical, sensory processing difference, neuroqueer and neuro-curious.

We believe in and live the Neurodiversity Paradigm.

We acknowledge and validate all paths to awareness of neurodiversity

We recognise that everyone's journey and pace in the discovery and acceptance of neurodiversity is different

We support self reflection, discovery and courageous action so that we can all be the healthiest, truest versions of ourselves

We want all members to feel safe and able to participate in whatever way suits them best

We support the creation of a culture and a world where masking, camouflaging, code-switching and passing aren't necessary to feel safe, loved and included whilst also knowing that for some these masks continue to be necessary to be safe and accepted by their families, in their workplace and in their cultures

Healthy sharing, privacy, confidentiality and trust are essential elements of how we meet, connect, learn and support each other in Loving Difference

Your Loving Difference Coaches

We're looking forward to meeting you soon!

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